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Xmas Advent Calender Day 12

Swords in Tolkien’s world

Swords were the main weapons used by all of the armies of Good and Evil in Tolkien's world. Swords were probably first made by the Noldor Elves before their expulsion from Valinor and by the Sindarin Elves of the Beleriand in Middle-earth.

After the start of the War of the Jewels, all the races of the world forged them for their battles with the armies of Morgoth.

Among the Elves, the Noldor were famed for their swords which were often endowed with a seemingly magical property that caused them to glow when fell creatures like orcs were near.

Common Orcs used curved swords (described by Tolkien as Scimitars) while Saruman's Uruk-hai used short broad-bladed ones.

Famous swords are Orcrist, the sword of Thorin Oakenshield, Glamdring, Gandalf’s weapon, and Sting, the sword of Bilbo and Frodo Baggins.

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