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Middle earth and beyond.

More about Middle-Earth and Beyond

J.R.R. Tolkien wrote several works set in Middle-earth. The first of these is, perhaps, the cornerstone of the entire legendarium: The Silmarillion, set many thousands of years before the War of the Ring as told in those more famous books and concerning the Elves' doomed yet heroic battle to recover the Silmaril jewels.
Connecting this work with The Lord of the Rings is Unfinished Tales, a collection of narratives which expand upon the stories in these three books.

The Maps of Tolkien’s Middle-earth - 9780007169702
The Silmarillion Gift Set - 9780007120604

The Silmarillion Gift Set

CD-Audio Standard
The Tolkien Treasury - 9780008116644

The Tolkien Treasury

Hardback Deluxe
The Book of Lost Tales, Part One - 9780007365258
The Book of Lost Tales, Part Two - 9780007365265
The War of the Ring - 9780007365326

The War of the Ring

Hardback Exclusive
Sauron Defeated - 9780007365333

Sauron Defeated

Hardback Exclusive
Morgoth’s Ring - 9780007365340

Morgoth’s Ring

Hardback Exclusive
The War of the Jewels - 9780007365357

The War of the Jewels

Hardback Exclusive
The Peoples of Middle-earth - 9780007365364

The Peoples of Middle-earth

Hardback Exclusive

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